Realising Brand Value

What does charteredbrands actually do? What is brand realisation, or brand-value management?

We focus on financial delivery in the  real world (hence brand realisation). Our model has evolved over the years since we set up in 2003. We started by trading brands directly, both for multinationals and where we invested directly in start-ups. Over 3 years our turnover grew to almost £30m. It was increasingly difficult to maintain focus on individual brands. We evolved our model to set up companies with partners to drive forward brands and opportunities. We have increasingly advised on brand-value management and financial realisation. We have that core drivers of brand-value are delivery of innovation and investment. This led us to invest into InnovationXchange, a leading innovation consultancy and to participate in the set-up of The Society – an equity investor into brand companies. These will add to our experience and ability to help realise the value in brands with and for our partners.

Like to know more? We’ve shared a link below to the paper describing brand value realisation and our approach, that won the national business innovation award for our business model in 2006.